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* when taking up residence during hectic and busy days, winter and spring holidays, please address our manager to learn about any price changes: Tel. (032) 290-17-58, +38 067 313-68-68

Hostel in Lviv

The Sport hostel was opened on May 1, 2011. It lies in the city-centre, near the tower of Porohovaya Vezha (a fortification, one of the historical monuments of 16th century), in the building which used to belong to a scientific society after T.Shevchenko where the prominenet Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko lived and worked. This building is regarded as a monument of architecture.


So it takes you a few steps out of the hostel to have a nice view of our city. It takes you a few minutes to get to Rynok (Market) Square which used to be the city centre in the middle ages.

Sport-hostel is one of the most available opportunities to organize your staying in the city of Lviv, providing friendly and flexible service, the most attractive offerings for our regular customers, loyal pricing, and thus creating the best conditions for your entertainment and enjoyment. The hostel is situated in the heart of the city (parkland) and equipped with all necessary amenities. Additional services include renting a laptop + 3G modem, as well as breakfast delivery.

<p>The hostel is situated in the heart of the city (parkland) and equipped with all necessary amenities</p>

Benefits of Hostel

Lviv ... The city, whose name is associated with the most powerful of all existing animals in the world, the real king of animals, in whose look we can see the strength and fearlessness to the enemies. Lev Galicia, a famous Prince, was such a kind person, and precisely after him the western capital of Ukraine was named. Looking at the mentality of the local inhabitants, it is immediately clear that the name was not chosen by a chance. Lviv is a city of warriors, people who are always ready to come to the defense of their country and their honor. Such qualities never better come out in the ancient architectural monuments, which are a visual allowance of this great city’s history. That's why every year this city attracts tourists from all over the world. Tourists, who want, at least temporarily, to “touch” this story, to feel a part of it, taking back unforgettable emotions and impressions.

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Lviv Museums

Looking at the number of existing Lviv museums, at the wide variety of their thematic directions and a rich exhibits’ history, it seems that the western capital of Ukraine itself is not just a city, it’s a great museum. But, in fact, it is so, in present-day Lviv it’s possible to found buildings of almost all the historic times, in which were embodied the most famous architectural styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Classicism, Modernism, Renaissance etc. Looking at the city buildings, you can feel that you are moved to the old days when the city was still in the early stages of it’s development. And it should be said, that this feeling is truly unforgettable

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Restraurants of Lviv

A legendary city founded by Danylo Halickiy every year attracts more and more people from all over the world. But Lviv is famous not only for its historical sights, interesting places and unforgettable atmosphere. Lviv’s glorious coffee houses and famous restaurants attract people even more than the city’s architecture.
In those kind of places you will be able to feel the real city, not only touch it, but feel the taste of Lviv once you inhale the aroma of unique coffee.

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Lviv theatres

Ancient, shrouded in legends, Lviv is well-known not only for its historical monuments, interesting places and cozy cafes. Lions - is the cultural capital of Galicia, where the incomparable atmosphere of grandeur and simplicity is dominating. There are a lot of different museums and theatres in Lviv.

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Hostels, daily rent apartments and hotels

What is the primary task for the person, who has come to the unfamiliar city because of some deals or just for the excursion? Certainly, it’s a search of the suitable accommodation. But what do we mean by the word "suitable"? The best way to answer would be - optimum combination of price and quality. And this is where the main problem arises, as the cheaper variants not always meet our requirements, and those ones that are more expensive don’t suit our budget. Where is so-called “Golden mean”? But to understand this, it’s necessary for us to examine the most important advantages and disadvantages of such places of living, like hostels, daily rent apartments and hotels, comparing them with each other.

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Lviv temples

The city of Lviv always attracted visitors by the beauty of its temples, which are different  not only  because of their architectural styles, but also of the confessions, for which they minister. Lviv, of course, is the only city in the Ukraine, where are all confessions of Christianity have their own churches: dozens of churches, cathedrals, Roman catholic churches and monasteries. Almost all of them are considered to be the monuments of architecture, and each of them is worth to be inscribed in a guided tour to historical places of the western Ukraine capital.

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The hostel offers

  • Equipped kitchen and dining room
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Luggage storage lockers
  • Fridges
  • Microvawe ovens
  • Kettles
  • TV-sets
  • Dishes and kitchen cutlery
  • Individual heating
  • Round the clock water supply
  • Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  • Personal Computer
  • Two bathrooms
  • Washing mashine
  • Dryer
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